Villa Borghese Gardens are one of the most popular cultural attraction in Rome. You can enjoy a stroll and submerge yourself in the green of the park discovering beautiful and historical touristic attractions that will knock your socks off.
You can walk sourrounded by the green discovering villas, groves, statues, little ponds and other monuments that make Villa Borghese one of the preferable destinations of the tourists both Italian and foreigners.
Are you curious? Let’s discover the secrets of the Villa Borghese Gardens!

Giardini Segreti around Palazzo Borghese

Borghese Gallery


Palazzo Borghese is flanked by the Giardini Segreti (Secret Gardens) on which two small constructions lean out: the Casino dell’Uccelliera and the Casino della Meridiana. These gardens have been planned at first by Cardinale Scipione Borghese and than implemented by Ponzio Flaminio , who has introduced the decoration of ancient statues and the complex works of gardening characterized by the presence of rare and exotic plants.
Since XX century, the Giardini Segreti are open to the public: today it is possible to visit them booking in advance a visit.

Giardino del Lago

One of the magnificient garden that abbellishes Villa Borghese is the Giardino del lago. Entering to Villa Borghese (by Valle Giulia side) you will find an Arc of Triumph that introduces yourself in the avenue of Aranciera, that coasts along the artificial little pond. In its waters you can see the reflection of the small ionic temple devoted to Esculapio. You can visit also the Temple of Antonio and the Temple of Diana, both in neoclassic style.

Villa Borghese Gardens, the most popular park in Rome


The Giardino del lago of Villa Borghese has been built up in the 1701 during the renewal of the Villa commissioned by the Prince Marco Antonio IV Borghese. The works continued at the beginning of 1800 by his son Francesco and by Camillo (the husband of Paolina Bonaparte). The restoration work was performed following the model of the great english parks characterized by liberty composition and a landscape conception of the nature, very different from the italian style made of classic geometric garden. Once immersed in the green, you will find statues, urns, fountain, fake ruins that intensified the romantic nature of the Villa Borghese.

Giardino Piazzale Scipione Borghese

Another gem of Villa Borghese is the Giardino Piazzale Scipione Borghese sourrounded by ancient, precious and rare plants to enchant the visitors have the privilege to access in the private gardens.
This is the garden planned by the Cardinal Scipione Borghese at the beginning of the ‘600 in order to embellish the piece of ground of vineyard that surrounded his Villa (Villa Borghese) and to transform it into a symbol of the social status of the family.



Initially, there was the Narciso’s fountain surrounded by ancient statues; nowadays, after the reconstruction of the 20th century, the Narciso’s fountain has been replaced with the statue of Venere, dipped in the garden in classical style.



Villa Borghese includes three independent parts fenced by walls: The Giardino Boschereccio, situated in front of the Villa; the Parco dei Daini, and the park which today is the actual Zoological Garden up to the Valle dei Plantani e Piazza di Siena.

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