Costa Smeralda is a renowned coastline situated in the north-east of Sardinia and one of the most exclusive and well-liked destinations by the highly demanding wealthy tourists coming from all over the world.

Here, beside enjoying a stunning landscape and a crystal clear sea, even the most spontaneous tourists will find activities that will meet their expectations.

So, if you are enjoying your luxury summer holiday at Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu in Sardinia, for example, here you have some advice about a few exclusive and unmissable activities.

Water sports

Snorkelling in Sardinia


As far as water sports are concerned, Costa Smeralda offers a wide range of possibilities that will give you the exclusive opportunity to dive into one of the most crystal clear seas in the world, as good as the Caribbean sea or others you may have already seen.

What’s more, these waters are crowded with a long list of marine species that go even beyond your imagination. This marine biodiversity is due to the fact that Sardinia is an island, less exposed to the pollutants and with an ecosystem still perfectly stable.

Scuba diving & Snorkelling experiences

Unique Experiences in Sardinia: all the exclusive activities you can do in Costa Smeralda


Scuba diving and snorkelling trips are perfect if you want to enjoy the pure Sardinian waters and to have a close look at some of the unique marine species of the Mediterranean: turtles, whales, dolphins and other species live together in a perfect symbiosis.

And what’s more, this part of Sardinia offers an unmissable, unique and untouched coralline reef that is absolutely worth a visit.

Sailing lessons

If you find yourself more at ease on the water, maybe you would prefer to attend some sailing lessons. A good way to get tanned while enjoying the unique and vivid colours of this landscape, to breathe deeply the pure sea air and to learn something new. The area offers several sailing schools so you will be spoilt for choice!

Boat trips

Motorboat & Yachts rentals

Boat Trips in Emerald coast


If you feel really lazy and you don’t want to do anything by laying under the sun, snoozing and being sweetly cuddled by the soft pitching of a boat, another idea could be that of renting a motorboat or a yacht. It’s a good way to get all the best from this fabulous sea, especially if you travel with your partner or family.

Windsurfing in Sardinia


Hinterland tours

Costa Smeralda offers so much to do also on the mainland. An exclusive tour of its hinterland is the perfect idea to discover some of the unique animal species in this area. Tortoises, windhovers, buzzards, pilgrim hawks are among the amazing animals you can watch during a tour on four wheels.

Sport cars, exclusive & vintage vehicles

Costa Smeralda offers a good choice also as far as exclusive sport and vintage car rentals. Do you fancy wandering in a classic and vintage vehicle through the small Costa Smeralda villages, stopping here and there for an Italian way cappuccino or some souvenir shopping?

From the sky: personalized jet flights

Last but not least, a really exclusive idea to get all the best of this renowned area at a glance is to rent a private jet. From above the sky, you will be able to appreciate the natural and genuine landscape that makes Sardinia popular all over the world.

Luxury Yach rental Sardinia

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