December is a special month. The duo snow & hot chocolate, together with the Christmas spirit, make it a period full of joyful expectation and emotional feelings. Now imagine all of this in Italy.

Don’t let the assumption of the typical warm Italian weather mislead you: although not extremely cold as in other parts of the world, the duo snow & hot chocolate is an eternal, unbreakable December ceremony. Furthermore, there is a never-ending list of events that take place in Italy during this magic month. Let’s find them out together!

The best events to attend in Italy during December


The Christmas markets of Trentino Alto Adige are the first unmissable event. They take place in different towns of Trentino, like Trento and Bolzano, and last from the end of November till mid-December.
The experience of wandering through the Christmas markets is unique.

You’ll walk around small villages set up for the occasion and made of small wooden houses decorated with Christmas lights and full of savory delicacies. You’ll have the chance to buy presents, taste some typical dishes and sip a hot chocolate with cinnamon. And, it’s highly probable that it will snow as well, thus making the experience truly wonderful.


If you prefer red wine over hot chocolate, well, don’t worry: the central region of Tuscany has thought about you as well. From the 5th till the 8th of December, in fact, almost all the wine cellars of Tuscany open their doors to tourists and locals. The event is known as Cantine Aperte a Natale (Open Wine Cellars at Christmas) and it will host tasting and music events, as well as exhibitions and workshop focused on the wine topic. From Chianti till Montepulciano, make sure to dedicate at least a couple of toasts to celebrate the Christmas spirit!


If you happen to be in Milan, you’ll have to chance to witness two remarkable fairs. The first is called L’artigiano in fiera and takes place from the 5th till the 13th of December. L’artigiano in fiera is a fair where worldwide artisans meet to show and sell their products: from Indian scarves to Spanish churros, you’ll both be able to eat and buy goods and food, experiencing therefore international flavors and traditions.

The second fair takes place from December 7th to December 15th and it is known as the Oh Bej! Oh Bej”: it is held to celebrate Sant’Ambrogio, the city patron saint. More than four hundred stalls will sell almost anything, from flowers and food, to antiques and crafts.


December is also linked to the Christian essence, and this is particularly true this year. On December 2015, in fact, Rome will host the Jubilee meant to celebrate Mercy. On December 8th, the Pope will carry out the act that represents the beginning of the Holy manifestation: he will open the Holy Door of the San Pietro Basilica in Rome and, from that moment on, the Jubilee will have started.

The tickets for the Jubilee are for free as well as those for the opening ceremony. If you wish to participate, however, you have to be quick, because they’ll soon expire.

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