If you are all set to visit Italy to enjoy a holiday in the country, then following are some of food dishes that you must enjoy eating while on a trip to Italy. The main essence of these foods is that they are found only in Italy and not in any other part of the world.

Braulio: Also known as bitter, Braulio an alcoholic type of drink and mostly resembles wine and has a pungent smell and tastes like herbs.

Guanciale: This is the cured cheek of a pig and is mostly cooked and added to pasta dishes or spaghetti and contains some traditional Italian spices and herbs.

Sambuco Blossoms: It is also known as black elderberries and is mostly fun to eat especially the tiny sambuco blossoms that appear each spring in Italy.

Alba Truffle: Mostly popular in Northern Italy, it is best to eat when melted with poured over eggs. These were some of the unique foods that are only found in Italy and nowhere else in the world.

If you visit Italy, then these are food items that you should put on your priority eating list.

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