Rome is probably one of the cities with the largest amount of tourists in it and you know what, you can look at Rome as the place where all the western society evolved. Rome rules the world for centuries, a lot of the art and science came from Rome, and we cannot forget religious, Christianity grew up in Rome.

I am a guy who loves history, before visiting Rome, I was very curious; I felt that I am going to see some of the roots of our society.

And here comes the big BUT, but when I traveled Rome, the experience was something between Boring to annoying. Visiting in all the touristic part of the city, with a food that does not reach half the level of the foot you eat in other part of Italy, everything was expensive, the people was not so nice, in overall, the experience was not something.

I found some good hostel in, and I didnt want to leave it, the experience outside the hostel was too pushy for me.

I believe that this is the effect that goes over a city with so many tourists. The local people start seeing the tourists as walking Dollars.

I won’t visit Rome again, or maybe I will Stay tuned to my blog, next article will be on Venice.

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