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American Football in Italy?

Written by Super User on . Posted in Sports Tourism

The Italian Football league is an American Football league based in Italy. The Italian football league was first founded in the year 2008 and took over the earlier National Football League Italy.

The main reason behind the birth of the league was the escape of the several of the best of the clubs in the old championship, which were first organized by the Italian Federation such as the Milano, Bolzano Giants.

Some of the clubs have not joined the league as they continue to participate in the other tournaments, which are mostly organized by the other federation.

Football since long has been one of the most popular sports in Italy played and followed by thousands of people in the country. Due to the consistent good performance of the Italian team, it has become of the favorite sports in Italy. The Italian football team has won some of the highest tournaments in the world including the FIFA World Cup, which has only added to the popularity of football, in the already football loving nation, Italy.

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