So, what shall I put inside my sandwich today? A piece of bread, a tomato, ham… and, why not, a slice of pizza? Yes, you read that right: a slice of pizza!

Come on, don’t goggle like that: we are not referring to a real sandwich, but to Slow Wood, Studio Fludd wooden toy.

Studio Fludd is a multidisciplinary collective, born in 2008 in Venezia: Matteo Baratto, Caterina Gabelli and Sara Margotto are its members. As stated on the website (, Studio Fludd mixes the fields of graphic design, illustration, decoration and visual identities for both personal and commissioned works.

Slow Wood Made in Italy

One of its finest and funniest creation is Slow Wood (, a wooden sandwich made of several layers and ingredients. They are both conventional and weird and they allow several combinations of tastes and shapes. You’ll find a great bunch of ingredients: a fish, a bone, a chocolate bar, a lettuce and much more: they are all hand-made, coloured with a non-toxic water paint and looked after in the tiniest details… just choose the ones you want to garnish your sandwich with and start playing with it!

Slow Wood, and its never-ending creative process, is meant to encourage kids’ attention towards food, the way to prepare it and the choice of ingredients. And yet, don’t think about it only as a toy for children: it can also be a funny, decorative object that perfectly fits in any studio or living room.

Slow Wood Design

Slow Wood first prototype was completed in 2010. It has made a long journey, as its creators also state: people have fallen in love with it during many workshops and exhibitions. Among the many fairs, it has been successfully tested by children in many fairs, such as in the and, Kids RoomZoom kitchen by UnDueTreStella, during the 2011 Fuori Salone in Milan.

It has been highly applauded by the public and its lovers started demanding a specimen for themselves. That’s why Studio Fludd has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ( to produce Slow Wood in a number, limited edition and to face the production costs.

Depending on how much you donate, you’ll get a specimen or several different ingredients. Moreover, €3 will be send to a Slow Wood project in Africa, 10.000 orti in Africa, that has the aim to support small-scale food producers (

Slow Wood

So, do a good deed: support Studio Fludd, get your own Slow Wood specimen to show and play with and support biodiversity.

But hurry up: the crowdfunding campaign ends on the 20th of May!

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