Once arrived in a big city like Rome, so rich in monuments, historic squares, wonderful parks, stunning churches and breathtaking views, the dilemma to be solved is: how to see all these things in a short time?

Now many people has only a weekend or little more to visit a place, so tourists want to see the main attractions and some hidden gems in one day.

This is possible following the advice of the Segway Rome Tours team, local experts in guided tours in Rome by Segway.

Segway Guided Tours in Rome

segway tour pincio Rome

Visit the Eternal City on foot is nice, but the distance between the various attractions and the stress resulting from the lack of time are significant limits for the tourists.

The solution is the alternative means of transport: the Segway was developed to quickly move safely and without tiring.

This vehicle works as an extension of the body, thanks to the gyroscopic sensors which allow moving in a natural way. The Segway, driven by two electric motors, can reach a speed of 20 km/h and is easier to use than a bicycle.

The starting point of the guided tours by Segway is Castel Sant’Angelo, the second most visited monument in Rome, where you will learn in a few minutes to drive the Segway along the gardens of the Hadrian’s Mole Park, a preview of the Capital’s many treasures to be discovered along the itinerary.

Things to see in Rome

The tours are themed and include the most popular destinations for travelers from around the world (Coliseum, the Vatican, Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps) and big gardens where to move freely as Villa Borghese.

This landscape garden is home to both Italian and English gardens, fine buildings including the Aranciera, the Galleria Borghese (art gallery open by reservation, please check www.galleriaborghese.it for further information), the Casina Valadier, now a restaurant, and surprising glimpses such as that offered by the clock water, located in a small tower in the middle of a pond.

Segway tours in Rome, a great way to explore the city

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During the tour, the guide will tell you anecdotes about the monuments and the historical personalities of the city, making the visit more fun and educational than a regular tour in the historic center. Did you know, for example, that on the Pincian hill there are 228 busts of prestigious Italians?

These busts, realized in XIX century, became a troubled history linked to the events happened in Rome through centuries, in fact today many busts of the Pincian Hill need to be restored.

Spanish steps must see in Rome

Rome has many faces and a Segway tour allows easy switching from historical and contemporary side, from the beautiful view of Villa Borghese to the shopping streets close to the Spanish Steps.

There are located the boutiques of the most prestigious fashion brands and is exciting to take a ride on Segway to window shop and explore the most charming corners of this part of Rome.

For those not satisfied with the usual maps, do a long tour Segway is an easy and convenient way to appreciate the beauty that the Eternal City reveals to the most curious and demanding travelers.


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