Expo 2015, the international exhibition about food, has taken over the south side of Milan since May. Millions of people have crossed the bridge that, from the electronic airplane-like controls, takes directly to the first Pavilions.
Now, it’ almost time to say “ciao ciao” to Expo 2015.
On October 31, in fact, the gates will close and the Pavilions will be dismantled: you have one more month to visit Expo and to take part to its amazing events.
Here’s a list of our suggestions to make the best out of this experience!

Expo 2015: tips to survive to the last month

Expo 2015 in Milan
At the beginning of Expo, walking around Milan meant hearing people asking: “ Have you already been to Expo?” Now, it means hearing people saying: “Have you been to Expo? It’s crazy, you have to wait forever to get in!”
As a matter of fact, in the last few months, Expo has seen its entrances doubled: more and more people, fearing that they’d miss it, have lined up in front of the gates to be able to say “I was there”.
And the lines have started lasting more than five, six hours.

Therefore, if you plan to go to Expo, you have to be patient and maybe to bring a book with you.
Prepare yourself an itinerary of the must see attractions. For instance, everybody says that the Japanese Pavilion is breath-taking, but visitors have reported a waiting time of over seven hours.
So, you either decide to visit it only and then come back home, exhausted and a bit pissed, or you pick other attractions. The Pavilion Zero, for example, although being quite crowded, represents a unique experience to understand and feel the Expo spirit and understand the past, present and future of food.

Expo events in October
Underrated, yet interesting, are the Azerbaijan, the Belgium and the Vatican Pavilions. This last one treasures a Tintoretto’s painting, which will be worth the visit.

As far as lunch or dinner are concerned, don’t take restaurants into consideration. You’ll wait for hours and you’ll spend a lot of money. Instead, opt for the stalls you’ll find around the exhibition: try the tastiest fried on hearth, the Belgium ones, and have an Italian ice cream as a dessert.
At night, remember to pay homage to one of Expo most beautiful attraction, the Tree of Life that will get animated by two shows and be surrounded by lights and amazing classical music.

Visit Expo in October

If you don’t want to spend the entire day at Expo, then go there at night. The evening pass costs only 5 euros, and you’ll be able to enter a couple of Pavilions before they close, at 8 pm. Have a walk around, enjoy the dance show in the Argentinian Pavilion and taste one of the Rice Pavilion’s delicacies. You’ll spend a wonderful night!
Last but not least, have a look at the official website to see the daily events organized inside Expo!

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