Besides being one of the aspects of the rich cultural characteristics and ethnic identity of Italy, the Italian music is one of the prominent aspects of society of the country.

The Italian music is mostly characterized by opera and its influences are on the popular music. The opera in the Italian music was mostly developed in the XVI century due to the musical scale and harmony of the theatrical music.

The music industry of the country is mostly characterized by the cantautori singer and songwriter and the canzone Napletana. The hip hop, rock and jazz music also form an integral place in the Italian music industry. The folk music of Italy is also one of the most important parts of the cultural heritage of the country and varies depending on the dances, styles and instruments used across the country.

Italy is also one of the cynosures of the European classical music. The music in Italy is distinctive and is mostly melodic and romantic.

Some of the major figures of the Italian music industry include Ricardo Zandoni, Pietro Mascagni, Alfred Catalani and others.

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