Do you wish to celebrate your wedding in an exclusive way? Take a look at the most stunning wedding spots on Lake Como.

If you decided to get married in Italy, I suggest you to choose among the amazing Lake Como wedding venues, favorite by Vips and very selective people. Here, you can find an eclectic mixture of rustic and chic styles perfect for your special day.

The romantic atmosphere and the wonderful natural setting of the lakes has been a source of inspiration for poets and writers for centuries, so isn’t surprising that Lake Como is one of the most favorite destinations for marriages.
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La Corte del Lago

The Villa was built in XIX century and is located in Pocetta, next to the main Lombard cities such as Como, Milan, Lecco and Bergamo.
The Corte del Lago Villa is the perfect place to make your special day unforgettable, due to the elegance of the palace, the park with its centennial trees, and the ballrooms overlooking the shore of the lake, a tempting venue where to enjoy an amazing party.

Villa Monastero

villa monastero


Villa Monastero was built in XVII century and formerly was a cloister. Nowadays the Villa is suggested to the most demanding people who are looking for a wedding venue surrounded by quietness. The wedding receptions include music entertainment, flower decorations, Spa amenities and even accommodations in hotels located within walking distance.
Villa Monastero boasts a panoramic view on Lake Como and can be defined a romantic hidden gem in this wonderful area.

Al Terrazzo

Al Terrazzo Ristorante hotel is a villa with a wonderful scenario. The villa offers a refined ambience and can host up 200 people; the villa has also a music hall, where take place shows and concerts performed by grand piano.

Villa di Delizia

Villa di Delizia


The Villa di Delizia is a charming XIX villa situated on Lake Pusiano, a place characterized by an intimate atmosphere. The Villa has been the residence of Luigia Ponti, a famous Opera singer, furthermore the villa is renowned for its acoustics, in fact here took place concerts and special events.

La Veranda

If you are looking for the most luxury wedding venues on Lake Como where Vips have celebrated their special day, La Veranda Restaurant is the right place for you.
Here took place many weddings of celebrities such as the American actress Emily Blunt has decided to join in marriage with John Krasinski, and more Massimo Ambrosini, football player, got married to Paola Angelini.

Villa Balbianello


Villa Balbianello


Villa Balbianello is loved also by movie buff, because this location has been chosen by George Lucas for some scenes of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones; in particular, the kissing scene between Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and the princess Padmè Amidala (Natalie Portman) was shot here. Immagine in allegato Villa Balbianello

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