If you are planning to visit Italy, then you should definitely check out the following attractions that are known for their elegance and beauty in a country known for its rich and varied heritage.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: The leaning tower of Pisa tops the list of attractions to see in Italy. It is for those people who wish to climb the 296 steps of the tower.

Lake Como: Known for the calm and serene nature, it is one of the best attractions to watch out for in Italy especially for those who love nature.

Piazza Del Campo: This one of the best tourists attractions is known for its beauty and architectural integrity that will overwhelm any of the art lovers. It is one of the finest scenes to experience in Italy.

Canals of Venice: This is another great place to be in Italy. Known as the water city, Venice has a lot of tourist attractions known for their beauty and romantic charm.

These were some of the tourist attractions in Italy. If you are planning to visit Italy, dont miss it. The travelers who are a little short on budget, can always check out great deals online at wimdu for affordable accommodation, which can help save you time and money, and offer great variety of deals, so they can save that money, and spend it on the many attractions Italy has to offer.

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