The coast of Sorrento is a place of beauty and people can spend days or weeks there as they explore Naples, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast. While spending time on land in this spectacular area is quite fun, many people will prefer viewing the area while on a Sorrento Yacht Charter. After all, there is nothing more amazing than seeing phenomenal views of a coast from the sea, and everyone must do it at least once in their lifetime.

The entire Sorrento Coast is filled with sandy beaches, bays tucked quietly away into little nooks, gorges that extend down into the earth for miles, and hamlets that sit on top of hamlets waiting to be discovered.

Everyone will want to venture onto land from their yacht, so that they can see many of these outstanding destinations up close.

Many people will love strolling along the hiking trails as they venture towards the village of Seiano and the towns of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi and Priora. Along the way, people will capture glimpses of vibrant terrace farms filled with lemons and oranges before seeing others filled with grapes and olives.

What to visit in Sorrento

Explore the Beautiful Coast of Sorrento While Visiting Italy

As people arrive back in the town of Sorrento, they will want to walk along the narrow streets to see the Cathedral as well as the Basilica di Sant’Antonino. Stores surround the medieval palazzos and while some of them are unique, nothing is as breathtaking as the ancient defensive walls that remain in crumbling stages to this day.

From Sorrento, visitors can board their yacht and go across the water towards Naples where they can see numerous attractions. In fact, the center of this city dates to 470 B.C. and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside the city center alone, people can see a royal palace, a plethora of churches and cathedrals, and three historical, yet magnificent castles.

Everyone will find themselves stopping for a breath of air in many of the piazzas, as they watch the people that pass them by. While the drinks flow freely from restaurants near the piazzas, so does the pizza. Eating pizza in Naples is a tradition and the guidelines of the city require that only the freshest and best ingredients are used on each one.

Before leaving Naples, everyone must visit the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, which were both covered when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. Those who take the time to walk through these dusty ruined towns will find themselves transported back in time as they imagine the streets, shops, and homes filled with locals instead of the crumbled walls that remain today.

Capri, the enchanting island

Anyone that spends their time on a yacht while visiting the Sorrento Coast will be able to easily travel to the island of Capri. All others will need to book a ride on the ferry, which will obviously add a little time to their travel.

This popular island feels like a magical kingdom that includes massive rocky caves and towering cliffs that rise high up towards the sky. One of the most fascinating places to see on Capri is the Blue Grotto, which is a lagoon that is inside a cave. The only light that the lagoon sees comes from small openings towards the back of the cave, and that light dances on everything it touches. Once everyone has experienced the wonders below, they will want to climb to the tops of Stella, de Mezzo, and Scopolo to see the wildlife that cannot be found in many other places on the island.

While this island is beautiful up close, the true beauty will be seen from the water as a person sees the highs and lows of the features that have made Capri a fascinating place to visit. Everyone is encouraged to sail away from this island as the sun sets in the sky, as it will make many of the features glow before everything fades to dark.

The last place that everyone must see while visiting the Sorrento Coast is the Amalfi Coast. This little place of paradise will capture the attention of those who are sailing towards it and it cannot be mistaken for any other destination in the area. The warm colors stand out from the blue of the sky and the sea, yet the lighter colors of the houses and fields will become visible as a person gets closer.

Amalfi Coast Landscape

When a person arrives on the Amalfi Coast, they may get lost as they are wandering through the narrow streets and climbing the never-ending levels of stairs. Everyone can spend part of their days on the beaches lined with pebbles, while venturing off to the top of the cliffs later in the evening. The latter location is the best spot for those that want to capture the reds, oranges, and purples of the setting sun as it lowers itself down into the horizon.

Sunset on Sorrento

Exploring the Sorrento Coast will leave many people breathless as they see and experience beauty that they have never seen before.

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