Hot air to obtain a force to lift off the ground according to the known principle of Archimedes. It is part of the fundamentals of balloons, aerial vehicles that use gas to rise from on the sole. There are many balloon festivals all around the world which attracts many passionates of this suggestive air vehicle and the most important is the “Albuquerque International Baloon Fiesta”. In Italy we have our festival, the “Ferrara Balloons Festival”, one of the most prestigious hot air balloon festival in Europe that last years has bring more than 120,000 visitors. In this charming Renaissance city declared World Heritage by UNESCO, the Ferrara Balloons Festival was born in 2004 and it has experienced a continuous progressive growth that led it to be considered the most important Festival of Ballooning in Italy. The festival will take place at the Giorgio Bassani park on Sep 9-18, near the historic center of Ferrara, offering a great international event.

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The festival is totally organized to make to the visitors a great experience. At the Arena Mongolfiera the visitors can attend to the preparation, at the dawn when the baloons are blowing up, to the sunset, where they start lifting up and everyone could participate to the journey on air. The balloons taking off from the arena of urban park Giorgio Bassani and landing safely in a flat point identified during aerial excursion. The visitors which decide to remain at the ground, they can enjoy the spectacle of the landscape from above, satisfy their curiosity about the flights.

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The Ferrara Balloons Festival is coordinated to host families. The Children Village is a playground where the kids will have time to enjoy the park where the festival is held. The complex has many different type of inflatable games, carnival games, shooting targets and quads racing. The area of the Sport Village will be the meaning spot of many sports activities and entertainment shows like rhythmic gymnastics and kites displays.

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The Rione Santo Spirito is one of eight districts that each year, more than 40 years, it’s leading the citizens of Ferrara and tourists in a unique journey through the history of our city through historical reenactments of Ferrara Palio. The Palio, like the Siena’s, includes tournaments flag bearers musicians, parades and many other events aimed at enhancing the historical memory of Ferrara, recognized as one of the cultural capitals and the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance policies.

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Since 2005 the Rione Santo Spirito is organizing “La Città Magica” (The magic city), the Renaissance village within the Ferrara Balloons Festival. Here you can discover the market of the ancient crafts, the fishing village, the area dedicated to esotericism and magic, sword duels, tournaments, shows of jesters and fire eaters, Renaissance dances and shows of musicians and flag bearers. Great attention will be paid gastronomic aspect, with the presentation of exquisite dishes. This will be a historical experience in all senses, that will allow visitors to experience extraordinary moments of past ferrarese culture.

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A great experience and a dive in the ancient Italian traditions; that’s because “Ferrara Balloons Festival” is worthwhile.

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