September has finally come.
Apart from waking the Green day up, you should also visit Italy. We know that September may seem perfect for the melancholic souls, since the leaves getting orange and falling on the sidewalks create a foolproof atmosphere.

Still, September in Italy is one of the absolute best months, and not only for the melancholic spirits: it’s still hot, but not as in summer; and the leaves start falling only in the last part of the month.
Now that we have talked you though it, you only need to decide where exactly you want to go.
Here’s a list of our top September Italian locations!
Visit the top Italian destinations in September and you’ll never want to come back.
1. Rome

Rome Fori Imperiali

The Eternal City, the Capital of The World. No matter the words you use, nothing will change: Rome is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Historical monuments literally spread all over the streets, amazing food waiting for you in every single restaurant and glowing people welcoming you in their hometown: Rome is the place you want to be. Especially in September, when the weather is still sunny, but not too hot. Some things you shouldn’t miss are:
a. The Colosseum, the wonderful and majestic elliptical amphitheater built of concrete and stone. It’s the largest amphitheater ever built and considered one of the greatest works of architecture and engineering.
b. The Roman Forum, the rectangular forum surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient buildings. You’ll be plunged in the ancient, roman-like atmosphere.
c. The Trevi Fountain. Although tented, don’t repeat the Dolce Vita scene, or you’ll end up in jail!
d. The Villa Borghese Gardens. Spend some time here to relax: you’ll be surrounded by a huge English landscape garden, containing lots of buildings, museums and attractions.

Colosseum Rome
When you get hungry, go to a restaurant and order a pasta dish, like a Cacio e Pepe, an Amatriciana or a Carbonara.
2. Positano

Guide to Positano in Campania
Probably the most famous village on the Amalfi Coast, Positano stands in an enclave in the hills leading down to the coast. Its breath-taking beauty has made Positano the perfect scenario for several international movies, like Only You and Kath & Kimderella.
Bring your swimsuit and remember to visit:
a. The Emerald Coast, a cave partly inundated by the sea. You can reach it by boat and admire its silent and chilly atmosphere.
b. The Fornillo Beach. Positano is not so big, therefore it’s not easy to find a secluded, intimate spot where to take a bath and sunbathe. However, in September, Positano’s beaches are attended by locals only, and this makes them less crowded than the usual. Have a walk from the top of Positano to Fornillo beach: you’ll get to the beach a bit tired but satisfied and loaded with amazing pictures!
c. The Monti Lattari, the mountains that constitute the backbone of the Amalfi Coast. Perfect if you want to experience something different from the seaside.

Positano landscape
3. Amalfi Coast

Costiera amalfitana

Either you have already been to Positano, or you have spent a couple of days here and you want to change location. It doesn’t matter the reason, if you can, you have to visit the Amalfi Coast.
The best thing is to drive from one village to the other, but the train system is pretty good as well.
Give these places a go:
a. The Vigne di Raito, in Vietri Sul Mare. Alfonso will guide you through a small tour in the vineyard, while Patrizia will pamper you with some extraordinary dishes. You’ll taste the best wine of your life while witnessing a wonderful sunset: is there anything better?
b. The Valle delle Ferriere, in Amalfi. Follow the path that starts from the center of Amalfi. Be careful: there are a lot of stairs, but the path is practicable. Stop here and there for some pictures. And then witness Amalfi’s beauty from the top: a unique, wonderful experience not to be missed.
c. The Villa Cimbrone Gardens, in Ravello. Reach it from the charming alley of Palazzo Avino. Have a walk in the lovely garden, surrounded by a series of marble busts and beautiful bushes.

Amalfi Coast
4. Capri

Capri Blue Grotto

One of the most famous and marvelous islands of Italy: Capri, on the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, has been a resort since the time of the Roman Republic.
It owns its splendor and fame to its natural beauties, like:
a. The Blue Grotto. You’ll fall in love with this sea cave. The reason is simple: the sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and the seawater, creating an amazing blue reflection that lights the cave up.
b. The Faraglioni. In Italian, Fariglioni means “stack”, a rock formation. And that’s exactly what Capri’s Fariglioni are: three huge stones in the middle of the sea. They also have names: Stella, connected to the island and 109 m tall; Mezzo, 82 m tall, and Scopolo, 106 m tall.
c. The Monte Solaro: a mountain on the island of Capri. 589 meters tall, it contains the Fortino di Bruto, a blockhouse used in battles between Britain and France in the late 1800. You can reach the summit by walking: it’s not difficult and, from the top, you’ll see both the gulfs of Napoli and Salerno.

Capri best attractions
5. Lago di Garda

Garda Lake

It’s the largest lake in Italy and, therefore, a popular holiday location.
Here the key word is: relax! Have a tour of the city, stop for some tortellini, rest on a bench near the lake. And, when you feel the urge to see something cultural, head to the Vittoriale degli Italiani, former poet d’Annunzio eccentric house.

Where to go in Italy in September

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