Ten days and the rituals of Christmas will take place.

Are you ready to go into the final rush? The traditional Christmas markets aren’t a typical Italian tradition, except in Rome and especially Naples that are mostly dedicated to the Christian Manger.

vipiteno mercatino natale

Germany has for sure a stronger tradition that has taken more and more space in the Northern part of Italy. Some towns like for Bolzano and Trento, every year gather thousands of people around their stalls, showing the magic atmosphere of Christmas and attracting both locals and visitors from Europe and the UK.

Christmas markets in South Tyrol and Trentino

This is really the land of Christmas. Here you can visit Trento and Bolzano, which are the most famous destinations, but also Merano, Bressanone and Vipiteno.
A visit here can be a real experience.

Mercatino trento

Artisans of wood and glass offer the best decorations not only for the Christmas tree but also for your house: green garlands, Christmas balls, and wreaths, decorations for windows, for doors, for the trees in the garden, typical objects such as kitchen aprons, and more.

Here you can enjoy the smell of biscuits made with the scent of cinnamon and ginger, with the shape of puppet which are then hung on the tree, but also typical street foods such as stuffed potatoes and grilled corn, roast chestnuts and mulled wine that here is called Glühwein. Here you can find the perfect gift, just in case you want to do some original shopping.

The traditional markets in Southern Italy

If you have any chance to stay in Italy a little longer, pay a visit to the market of Piazza Navona in Rome and also to the traditional market of Naples.


Piazza Navona market has a 100 years tradition, it is the market of children or better the place where parents go to buy candies and gifts to fill the “ Calza della Befana”, the feminine version of Father Christmas that come son the 6th of January, punishing the bad children and rewarding the good ones.
Naples has an ancient tradition of presepe. The first and gorgeous one was built around the 17th century and can still be visited in the churches of the town.

The market of San Gregorio Armeno is in the famous street of the artisans of the presepe, open all year round, where you will find the main shops that create the statues – life-size and miniature – made by hand.

Tips and info


Many travel agencies organize special trips to the Christmas markets, so check this chance. If you go to Rome or Naples in this period, take some days more to visit the Presepe expositions around the town and live the Christmas religious atmosphere, no matter what your beliefs are.

The Italian Christmas Markets aren’t numerous as the Christmas Markets in Germany; nevertheless, a visit to an Italian Christmas Market is one to remember, whether it be the Piazza Navona in Rome or one of the smaller Italian Xmas Markets in the Italian Alps, for example the Trentino region.
The scents of cinnamon and spices, Christmas holiday food and home baking will bring childhood memories flooding back.

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