Every traveler in the world knows that Rome is called “the Eternal City”, because the ancient Romans believed that no matter what happened to the world, this city would go on forever.

Today, Rome is still one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in the world and it’s useful to know which are the best ways to explore it avoiding the standard routes.

First of all, it’s better to visit the historic center avoiding queues and crowd, so I recommend 5 alternative ways to getting around in Rome living a great travel experience.

Visit Rome’s center by segway


The handiest way to go sightseeing in Rome, in my opinion, is on board a segway, the eco-friendly and highly innovative vehicle powered by electricity.

SegwayRoma is the first company who introduces this means of transport offering a rental service and guided tours by segway through the most popular streets and squares of Rome’s center.

It’s easy to ride a segway: this vehicle is equipped with solid state gyroscopic and rotation sensors, so is very natural to use it, moving forwards, backwards and turning around.

The themed tours allow you to see the top sights of the Eternal City, such as Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza del Popolo, Colosseum and Castel Sant’Angelo without haste; taking photos during the breaks (the tours take 2 or 3 hours).

Visit Colosseum by Segway

Discover Rome by Golf Cart

golf cart tours in Rome

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If you are wondering how to explore Rome in a few hours without a car, you’ll probably surprised by the Golf Carts, fast and comfortable vehicles that allow access to limited traffic zones of Rome, usually forbidden to cars.

The Golf Carts are electric and emission-free and are a convenient solution for families with children, because the Golf Carts have 4 or 6 seats and parking is free also on blue lines. Furthermore, Golf Carts are suitable for people with disabilities.

A classic tour includes Villa Borghese, the third largest public park in Rome (the first is Villa Pamphili, while the second is Villa Ada, both quite far from the center), where you can admire the amazing landscape garden, the elegant buildings and the prestigious museums located there.

Villa Borghese is the favorite park by Romans and during a Golf Cart tour you can admire the renowned Galleria Borghese, the replica of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a water clock (also known as hydrochronometer, invented in 1867), the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, museum recently renovated.

Useful thing to know: a valid driving license in Italy is required to drive a Golf Cart.

Unusual way to get around Rome: Carriage Tours

Carriage Tours

Photo Credits: http://www.adventustour.com

The horse-drawn carriage tour is a tradition of Rome and is very popular in the tourist areas. The local name of this attraction is Botticella, a word that comes from bottle: in the past the carriages were used to carry barrels because there weren’t other ways to move heavy goods.

Now the Botticella is a romantic way to go sightseeing, starting from Spanish Steps, and then reaching the Ara Pacis, Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Usually the available tours ranging from a scenic route (including the Imperial Fora) to a top sights itinerary (including Navona Square, Pantheon and Piazza Venezia). The carriage can carry a maximum of 4 people but is especially recommended to couples who are looking for an enchanting tour of Rome.

Bike Tours: ecological and funny idea to explore Rome

bike rental in Rome

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Ride a bike is nice if you are in a place with a mild climate like Rome, so don’t miss this opportunity during your holiday. There are a lot of companies offering bike tours and rental services, so you can choose if visit the historic center by yourself, avoiding traffic and enjoying the most popular spots at your own pace, or booking a guided tour by bike to discover places off the beaten path.

My advice is to follow a bike tour on the Appian Way, a road dating back to IV century B.C. This ancient street, also called Regina Viarum in Latin, is surrounded by the greenery of Caffarella Park and impressive monuments such as Cecilia Metella’s mausoleum, Massenzio’s villa and S.Callisto’s catacombs.

You can find further info about rental points and guided tours here: http://www.060608.it/en/trasporti/noleggio/parco-appia-antica-punti-noleggio-biciclette.html.

Explore Rome by Electric Bike

electric bike rental in Rome

Photo Credits: https://www.bimbimbikes.it/

As you know, Rome was built on seven hills. For this reason, visit its many attractions by walk could be tiring.

One of the eco-friendly ways to explore the Eternal City is ride an electric bike, because when you pedal, a small motor allows you to go faster without effort.

You can book a guided tour with a local expert who will lead you to the most popular attractions of the historic center, across the Aventine and Capitoline hills, then he will guide you through Trastevere district, a very picturesque area on the west bank of river Tiber. This kind of tour is recommended to people who are not experienced enough in cycling.

The E-bike, in fact, is very easy to ride and is recommended also to children.

You can be amazed by the great advantages to enjoy Rome following these 5 eco-friendly tips!

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