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Traditional food and best restaurants in Rome

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One of the most frequent requests by travelers is where to eat typical dishes when you're on vacation, avoiding the tourist restaurants (unreliable and often very poor) and looking for the most genuine products in town.

The staff of Go2Rome, composed of Rome connoisseurs, suggests you some restaurants and dining spots where to enjoy the local gastronomic delights.

Trattoria Dal Cavalier Gino

Historic “trattoria” working since the '60s, is located at Vicolo Rosini 4, a few steps from Parliament, this is the ideal restaurant where to order pasta as tonnarelli cacio e pepe (homemade pasta, sheep milk cheese with black pepper and a lot of cacio cheese), Gricia (pasta, usually rigatoni, with bacon, sheep milk cheese and pepper) and the legendary amatriciana.

The Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner but is closed on Sundays, we recommend booking a table, and furthermore this place is much frequented by celebrities.

Cavalier Gino, vicolo Rosini 4, ph: 06/6873434.

Ristorante Grano

If you like to combine modernity and tradition, go to Grano, located at a short distance from the Pantheon, a gourmet restaurant that offers creative menus and classic dishes revisited by the chef. Recommended for meat and fish based dishes (roasted octopus with emmer wheat is a specialty of the restaurant) and its cozy atmosphere, at Grano you'll feel surrounded by elegance (the style of the restaurant was realized by a designer) without give up to intimacy.

Grano, piazza Rondanini 53, ph. 06/68192096.

Spasso Food

The street food trend is arrived also in Rome for this reason we suggest to those who are visiting the Eternal City to try Spasso Food, a nice alternative to sandwiches, pizza or other food bought by chance. This small restaurant is open from 12:00 am to 10:00 pm, is a take away which offers high quality food such as Campese chicken, pasta Amatriciana (served in a pack very useful if you eat during a walk), gourmet salads and sandwiches, all at affordable prices.

The street food often becomes an essential need for those with little time, and in this case it is always better to prefer the most delicious dishes with organic ingredients rather than a “tramezzino” sandwich. Spasso Food is located near Piazza Re di Roma, at Via Appia Nuova 131, tel. 06.70476854.

The gastronomic offer of the Capital is as big as its monuments, but be careful to those who sell very poor reproductions, tasty food is like art: you have to be able to recognize it!

Learn How To Speak Italian For Americans

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Why would an American want to learn how to speak Italian? Most of the Americans live in the United States of America, which is also the home to people of different national origins.  And, we need to as well recollect that Italian Americans are Americans of Italian Ancestry.  There are more than 5.5 million Italians who immigrated to the US from 1820 through 2004 per Wikipedia!  This means Americans should deal with people speaking the Italian language.  Therefore, a course that focuses onLearn How to Speak Italian for Americansbecomes important.   They are being made readily available in several online Italian speaking courses offered online.

Learn Italian

Doing the Learning in a Systematic Manner

When it comes to speaking the Italian language, it obviously is about pronouncing Italian words.  There is a common misconception that it is difficult to learn Italian.  In reality, no one knows any better, even in cases when it comes to learning one’s own native language.  It is all about exposure to the language and spending sufficient amount of time doing the learning in a systematic manner.

Rote Learning Helps a Great Deal to Speak Italian

Rote learning refers to the memorization technique that is based on continuous repetition.  While rote learning has been subject to lot of criticism, this method is ideal to imprint the phonological pronunciation of timed syllables.  Rote learning is very popular when it comes to learning music.  It is about simply listening and repeating it over and over again for said number of times, per day, for said number of days. 

Rote Learning Is Not the End of It – It Is Not Ideal For Comprehension

By making use of the rote learning method you can imprint and commit the timed syllable pronunciation for different Italian words in your brain quite easily.  Rote learning has nothing to do with the understanding of the command provided by the Italian word – it purely helps the learner to pronounce the sounds in the words correctly. 

Rote Learning Helps Recall the Meaning of the Material

While the sound would have been imprinted in the brain of the learner, it becomes easier to correlate the meaning of the different Italian words at a later point in time, when you will be involved in using techniques like Meaningful learning,  Associative learning, and Active learning to master the spoken language with appropriate comprehension of the Italian terminologies.

Therefore, Rote learning followed by other learning techniques mixed and used in the right proportion would help Americans get used to speaking Italian. 

When Traveling in Italy You Better Know How To Speak Italian

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Needless to say, when Traveling in Italy, you better know how to speak Italian. Those who are Traveling to Italy might be left wondering, if it will be possible for them to enjoy a vacation or business trip if they do not speak or understand Italian.  Not knowing the major language of a land you are Traveling to, can definitely leave you feeling nervous.

Not Knowing Italian – The Experience Differs

While there have been stories of people, who have had a grand time with perfectly great moments through their travel without knowing the Italian language, we cannot be sure to return without a few isolated incidents that can happen due to the inability to speak Italian.  The quality of experience you might land up depends upon the region you might be Traveling to.  If you are planning to travel through major cities, you might have different experiences.  If you are going to travel through the countryside and rustic villages, you might have different experiences, if you do not know the language.     It is about the power to deal with good and bad people with a bit of cultural sensitivity in the understanding process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Knowing and Not Knowing the Language

Ultimately, it is about the advantages and disadvantages of knowing or not knowing the language.  When you know the language:

·         You will be able to understand the minor and major cultural nuances as you travel through the country, which is indeed an added advantage.

·         When you speak Italian fluently, people are likely to be impressed and you sense that doors are open to interact with more numbers of Italian-speaking people.

·         Being able to get in touch with the locals, improves your chances of being able to travel to places that are beaten off the path.  Those interesting locations that are not marked in maps and guidebooks are accessible only if you are able to connect with the locals of the region.

·         In cases of an emergency, help can come in handy if you speak in the local language.

·         The opportunity to travel to Italy – a paid foreign trip - to close a business deal or to improve relationships with customers, can by itself open up just because you know Italian. Knowing Italian can provide you with an edge at work as well.

·         If you love bargaining at the market place – you can haggle at your heart’s will.


In the end, the worse disadvantage of not knowing Italian can be in dealing with people who are unethical enough to cheat on you, rob you off your money by lying, and lot of other unscrupulous behaviour that we might not be able to imagine without real-time experience of not knowing the language. 

Online Course That Teaches Italian For Americans

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Online Course That Teaches Italian for Americans is available in plenty.  It is for you to decide whom to go with.  Considering the fact that you will be paying for the course, you should be involved in a bit of comparative shopping before you settle down for a particular Italian Course.  Don’t decide too quickly.  Don’t be deciding forever.  Following few guidelines would be sufficient in helping you best decide on the most appropriate course to suit your needs.

The type of online course you should choose will differ based on your need. The following are popular reasons people have to learn Italian:

·         Just a few interactive phrases in Italian to interact with someone

·         Travel to Italy

·         Immigrating to Italy

Just a few interactive phrases in Italian to interact with someone

There are lot of online courses that provide you with lessons that cover Italian Vocabulary to introduce yourself, tell something about yourself, order something to eat, talk about what you like doing, talk about family and work, and more.

Travel to Italy

If you are learning Italian to make your travel to Italy comfortable by being able to speak in the local language, then you need to know a few more phrases than just basic interactive phrases.  You might want a course that covers phrases and clauses that you might want to use in a hotel room, to talk about modes of transport, to get directions, shopping terminologies, terminologies to inquire about weather, terminologies associated with the city you might be traveling to, terminologies to use at the restaurant, talking on the phone, in the park, giving news, making plans, making suggestions, useful advices, making appointments, and more.

Immigrating to Italy

If you are immigrating to Italy you might have to deal with a course that is more exhaustive.

It is always best to reach out to one of the rated online Italian Language centers.  What you can do, is explain to the help desk about what you are looking for.  Talk to the help desk person via e-mail or chat and tell them why you are willing to learn Italian.  When you provide the details, they will direct you to the respective tutors online.

You can most probably expect to get a free trial of the coaching session to see if you like the quality of coaching you can expect from the center.  You will be put through an evaluation session for the tutor to ascertain your skill level in absorbing the language.  Then, you will be provided with appropriate study material and other learning resources with schedules in place.  You will be guided through the completion of the Italian language learning process to fulfill your purpose accordingly.

Differences between Italian and other Latin Languages

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Latin languages are also known as Romance languages, Romanic or Neo-Latin Languages.  There are several counts of Latin Languages, but “Dalby lists 23 based on Mutual intelligibility” per Wikipedia.    Italian belongs to the group of 5 widely spoken Latin languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Romanian.  Italian is one of the closest languages to Latin.  Most of the native Italian speakers are bilingual where they speak the standardized Italian language and other regional languages.

The Italian Language descended from the Latin Language

When it comes to vocabulary, Italian is very close to Latin, however not completely similar.  While other Latin languages do not retain most of the contrast between the short and long consonants, the Italian language does retain a major Latin’s contrast.   While the root words are similar between the Latin languages, it makes it easier to guess the meaning of a specific word in different Latin languages by correlating it to the root Latin word, if you are used to ancient Latin.

The Major Difference between Italian and other Latin Languages is the Grammar Structure

The dialects that you will be hearing in the Italian language vary between regional vernaculars.  The vernacular variants of the Italian language are seen in regional speech patterns.  Also, there are sociologist variations of Italian language that is spoken in specific social classes.  Also, there are ethnology variations of Italian language spoken in specific ethnic groups.   

If you are set to learn Italian, if you are not in to linguistic research you might not want to bother about the umpteen variants of Italian and its similarity and difference with other Latin languages.  You might want to simply start off with a course that leads to the standardized version of the language that would be useful for your everyday use.

Standardization of Italian Language

Getting used to the standardized version will be sufficient to improve communications in the Italian language for communication between:

·         Family members – particularly if you are involved in a marriage with an Italian speaking spouse.

·         Employer  –  Employee

·         Travelers  and the people in the region where Italian language becomes essential for communication

You might as well want to learn beginner, intermediate, or advanced level courses in Italian to meet up with your purpose of learning Italian. 

Italian grammar and Italian phonology form an integral part of the standardization of the Italian language, which is something that happened with the passing of time and the usage of the language through centuries!  When you set out to learn Italian language online by taking up Italian speaking or writing course, you will be exposed to the standardized version of the Italian Language, and with basic learning discipline, you should be able to walk past the breakthrough level in understanding the language. 

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